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Monday, April 26, 2010

CCTV camera

Network Camera STC-IPM3096A allows for round the clock surveillance in the "Day" / "night" in all light up 0.4/0.06 lux, and forms an image with resolution up to 1280 × 960 pixels.  It can be broadcast on the network simultaneously two customized stream video M-JPEG format and / or MPEG-4.

In addition, STC-IPM3096A has motion detector, equipped with 2 GB SD-card memory, alarm inputs / output, audio inputs / outputs for audio link between the operator and the area of observation and supports PoE. Setting up the camera can be carried out through a web browser or with the NetStation.IP-camera is capable of transmitting on the network to two video streams simultaneously in the MPEG-4 and / or M-JPEG with resolution settings and the framerate each. In the M-JPEG format with a maximum resolution of the image STC-IPM3096A can reach SXVGA (1280 × 960 pixels.) With frame rate 10-15 fps. Increase framerate flow up to 25 fps in this format by specifying the resolution VGA (640 × 480 pixels.) Or QVGA (320 × 240 pixels.).In MPEG-4 IP-megapixel camera capable of transmitting video VGA-standard full-frame mode Low, Middle, and High. To optimize the video stream in the M-JPEG for bandwidth video, you can choose the degree of video compression: Low, Middle or High.

Record and store video and audio c IP-camera can be carried out on a network video recorder (NVR), PC hard drive or external disk drives and arrays. For temporary storage of data, including anxiety, designed SD-card memory capacity of 2 GB, which is supplied STC-IPM3096A. This IP-megapixel camera can record video on a map constantly, cyclically updating archive as it is filled, or just disturbing video. Efficient operation IP-camera in the security video provided by the hardware motion detector, alarm inputs, which can connect an external alarm sensors, and alarm output, through which you can manage the work of executive device.  Built-in STC-IPM3096A VMD has the three levels of sensitivity and allows you to set up 48 areas of detection of 8x6 square grid elements. In the basic setup IP-camera "reacts" to the alarm event lasting no less than 100 milliseconds, but in order to avoid false positives during her reaction may be increased to 60 seconds. Thanks to the audio input / output cell 

STC-IPM3096A lets you listen to the zone of its installation or to arrange two-way audio with the operator of the security services.

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